Gauges & Instrumentation




Pressure: GTS is currently stocking Process, Industrial and Commercial gauges for all of your pressure sensing applications. In addition to gauges we can provide complete gauge/diaphragm seal assemblies for all demanding chemical services.


Industrial thermometers; Providing extreme quality and accuracy
Solar: ideal replacement for existing mercury in glass thermometers
Dial: Direct or remote mounted
Bi-metal: rugged direct mounted and designed for today’s industrial applications
Temperature recorders: for applications requiring a permanent temperature record
Electric Sensors: Provide an electric signal to a controller or indicating device, thermo wells for dial thermometers, bimetals, RTD’s, and thermocouple


GTS is now proud to offer Gauge Certification and Calibration that can be done in house at our shop for fast turnaround.  Most jobs can be completed within a day, helping cut back on time and money by eliminating longer lead times and freight charges.