Specialty Valves

Metal Seated

For severe services and high temperature applications, GTS can supply the following:


Metal Seated

Flotite Metal Seated valve– Engineered Valves for Severe Service Reliability with Innovative Process Solutions.



PBV/Union Tech

For High Pressure Severe Service applications including Power Generation and Critical On/Off Applications.

Knife Gate

GTS can provide Knife Gate Valves in both Lug and Wafer pattern in a wide variety of materials including Cast Iron and Stainless Steel with both resilient and metal seated options.

Special Alloy

GTS can provide you with any of your special exotic alloy valve requirements including:  Hastelloy, Alloy 20, Nickel, Monel,etc.

Bellow Seal


Bellow Seal 1

Bellow Seal 2

Dixon Eagle specializes in the design, manufacture and testing of bellows seal gate and globe valves. Bellows seal valves help eliminate fugitive emissions of toxic or regulated fluids and they prevent corrosive or harmful atmospheric conditions from entering the process. They also minimize maintenance and reduce life cycle costs in process plants including steam, cryogenic, heat transfer oil and vacuum systems. Bellows seals are considered zero-emission devices as defined by the US Environmental Protection Agency.