Value Added Services

Valve Actuation:

GTS Technical Sales provides our customers with in house valve automation services by offering fully assembled and tested valve and actuator packages. We can do both electric and pneumatic packages complete with all of the required accessories including: switches, solenoid valves, linkages, brackets and couplings. Many assemblies can ship the same day from stock!  Contact GTS today with any of your applications concerning valve actuation.

Gauge Calibration

GTS can calibrate and certify your pressure gauges in house.  We also provide all necessary certificates and calibration reports.

Steam Trap Surveys

A steam system that has not been maintained for a period of time will have a significant number of steam traps that have failed. Approximately twenty percent of the steam leaving a central boiler plant is lost via leaking traps in a typical space heating system without a proper trap maintenance program in place. A routine trap maintenance program should be implemented to detect any waste of energy, efficiency, and dollars. Implementing any type of steam trap maintenance program will be very beneficial to your facility.
Using ultrasonic or thermal imaging testing equipment our service technicians conduct a steam trap survey to detect plugged, leaking, or blowing steam traps. Thermal imaging is used to identify completely failed traps and traps which perform in a borderline manner. Ultrasonic instruments are used in conjunction with thermal imaging to further define the problem as required. Upon detection, the bad trap location is tagged and recorded digitally and  a detailed report is provided to the end user.

GTS VMI – (Vendor Managed Inventory)

GTS can come to your facility and organize and maintain your inventory of Pipe, Valve, and Fitting items.  Once set up, we will establish a routine visit to check and maintain proper stock levels at your facility. We currently have a number of longstanding customers who utilize the GTS-VMI program.  We can also incorporate monthly billing summary statements to reduce your paperwork and streamline the invoicing process.

Expansion Joint Surveys

GTS will work with an authorized factory representative to inspect your plant’s expansion joints and evaluate any possible joints in need of future repair.  This proactive process will help avoid any untimely emergency repairs.  It will also allow the plant owners to have a detailed list of your expansion joints so that when a new joint is needed, you will already know what is required to complete the job.

GTS Onsite Training/ Lunch & Learn formats

GTS along with a number of our vendors can provide a variety of training sessions at your facility.  A popular choice is to feature one of our products or manufacturers capabilities in a Lunch & Learn format.  We can also provide training at a number of offsite locations including GTS Office/ Warehouse and one of our many manufacturers locations.